Annual Production Insurance

Get Annual Production Insurance (DICE)


DICE Production Insurance Is Risk Management for the Entertainment Industry – Depending on the types of productions you make, you may need only one or multiple lines of insurance coverage. Some insurance companies will package multiple types of coverages, including ones you may not need. Below are descriptions of coverages, so you can understand what you’re applying for. If you have questions we'd be happy to help you, just contact our service center.


General Production Liability Coverage

General Liability Insurance provides coverage for bodily injury to Third Parties (3rd parties are non-cast and non-crew members such as bystanders or spectators). For example, let’s say your production company is filming at a museum and taped electrical wiring onto the floor. An outside museum visitor walks by, trips over the wiring and breaks his/her arm. This bystander can sue your production company for bodily injury.

Third-Party Property Damage

Third-Party Property Damage covers the physical damage or loss to property while in the care, custody or control of the insured (the production company renting filming locations). It can also cover loss of use (to the location owner). Under the General Liability Insurance policy, some carriers provide Property of Others Insurance coverage for rented property, if the rental agreement is seven consecutive days or less. Other carriers exclude this altogether.

Rented Equipment and/or Props, Sets, and Wardrobe

This covers accidental damage or theft of equipment or props, sets, and wardrobes while it is in your care, custody or control.

  • Allows you to issue certificates naming rental houses as "loss payee", some carriers will split up the limits between props, sets, and wardrobes and rented production equipment.

Owned Equipment

This covers accidental damage to or theft of production-related equipment you own.

Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability

If you plan to rent a truck or vehicle for production use, you will need this type of auto liability. This covers your production company if the driver causes harm or damage to other vehicles and/or people.

If a third party is injured due to your loading and unloading equipment from non-owned and hired autos, this also covers those types of claims. (Third Party is a non-cast or non-crew member)

Non-Owned and Hired Auto Physical Damage

This coverage is usually purchased in addition to Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability. If you plan to rent a truck or vehicle for your production use? You will need this coverage to protect your business from any theft or damages to the vehicle(s) you rented.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This is statutory coverage for employees you hire as cast and/or crew (including 1099s) for production-related injuries or illness.

  • Only US Citizens and Residents with a social security number are eligible

Accident Medical

This is supplementary insurance coverage for employees you hire as cast or crew for production-related injuries if they are not covered by Workers’ Compensation coverage.

  • Only US Citizens and Residents with a social security number are eligible. The coverage is in excess of any existing health insurance, there is a deductible that applies. The limits of the deductible are maxed to only $100,000 or less per accident, per claim.

Travel Accident

This provides medical reimbursement to cast/crew for injuries while traveling to or from production locations.

  • Only US Citizens with a social security number are eligible. If the coverage is in excess of any existing health insurance there is a deductible that applies.

Excess Liability

This policy covers additional limits to supplement an existing general liability policy.

Negative Film (Film Production Insurance)

This covers the loss as a result of damage to your film media (i.e. raw films, videotape stock, exposed motion picture film, etc). This includes the extra expenses to re-shoot the damaged media. This does not include losses due to faulty materials, cameras, processing, etc.

Faulty Stock

This is usually purchased together with Negative Film production insurance coverage. This covers the loss as a result of production stock (faulty stock). This includes the extra expenses to shoot the media due to the faulty stock.

Extra Expense

Extra Expense covers the loss due to an event interruption, postponement or cancellation of a video production, as a direct result of damage to or complete destruction of property. This does not include loss of earnings or profits.

Media Liability (E&O) insurance

After a film distributor picks up your film for distribution, they will require a Media Liability Insurance policy to cover any lawsuits that may arise. This can protect you from lawsuits involving defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, or any plagiarism resulting from the content of your film.

Cast/Crew Insurance

If an insured cast or crew member cannot perform due to death, injury or illness this covers the net losses or extra expenses incurred to begin or complete the film.

Coverage for Animals

This covers the costs associated with the death, illness or injury of an insured animal on your production shoot.

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