3 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer Insurance

By: The Athos Team

Published on: 6/13/2022 6:33:00 PM

So you finally landed a killer wedding gig. Not only will this cover your rent for the month, but if all goes well, it could lead to many more similar gigs. But before you can capture the smiles, “I do”s, and dancing grannies, there are a few housekeeping things you’ll want to consider– probably the most important of which is insurance. Choosing an insurance policy for a wedding photographer isn’t rocket science, but figuring out what kind of coverage you are going to need, and the best place to get it can be confusing. With so many different companies and plan types, it can be overwhelming to choose. So, whether this is your first gig or you’re a seasoned vet looking for a better plan, let’s explore some tips for choosing the best one.